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Thank you for visiting our website.

This is a legal office located in Fujisawa city,  Japan.

We provide our clients around the world

with legal services concerning inheritance and

company incorporation in Japan. 

Please feel free to contact us for inquiry.  

司法書士 矢部裕子

Judicial scrivener (Shiho-Shoshi)

Yuko Yabe

Certified by the Minister of Justice in Japan

Belong to Kanagawa Shiho-Shoshi Association 

Registration No. 2661

We assist you with


✔  Collecting Certificate of the Individual Records/the Family Register in Japan


✔   Filing for Certificate of Heir(s)”Houtei-Souzoku-Joho” and obtain an authorization by the registry


✔   Executing the will and testament


✔   Filing for Probate to the Japanese Court


✔   Locating the heir(s) in Japan and other countries


✔   Making an application for real estate registration


✔   Closing the bank account(s) in Japan and distributing the balance to the heir(s)

✔   Filing for giving up his/her right to inherit the estate 

​✔   Writing an opinion with regards to Japanese law in English

✔    Translating Certificate(s), Affidavit and other legal documents into Japanese or English


  Incorporation (Co.,Ltd. “Kabushiki Gaisha”/LLC ”Goudou Gaisha”)or setting up business office in Japan


✔    Making an application for commercial registration

✔    Making an original Articles of Incorporation and obtain an authentication of a notary upon        

      incorporation(Kabushiki Gaisha)

Contact Us


#2 me:labo II 11-3, Minami-Fujisawa, Kanagawa 251-0055 Japan


司法書士 矢部裕子
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